With a view to relieving the public,who are struggling to meet the basic needs,from the misery of homelessness,through implementation of affordable and low-cost housing projects and addressing the need for a development bank dedicates to the extending of long-term housing loans to the public.Under the auspices of Ministry of Construction,the Construction and Housing Development Bank was established on 8th May,2013 as a Semi-Government Bank.

The Construction and Housing Development Bank was incorporated as public company limited upon receiving a company registration(570/2013-2014) dated 8th May 2013 from the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration.Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development,the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and started banking business after the Central Bank of Myanmar had granted a license No.MaBaBa/ P-31/(7) 2013 (1) dated 12th July 2013.


To Facilitate the socio-economic life and upgrade the quality of living of the citizens by developing urban and housing sector to meeting international standards and offering modernity and pleasantness.


  1. To aggregate and facilicate potential financial (capital) investment, necessary to develop construction and housing sector, from both local and international, banks and financial institutions;
  2. To support the construction loans, housing loans and Mortgage, by providing short-term, mid-term and long-term loans;
  3. To implement plans for increasing number of public Deposits;
  4. To support to increase the amount of financial resources to broaden the international trading.


To realize the potential for financial resources towards the development of construction, urban and housing sector and to enable the citizens to have a chance to own a house by increasing capital through the integration of the government’s responsibility, public’s deposits and shareholders contributions.


For all people to gain and sustain to live in peace and dignity with happiness and joy.